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who we are

The Beauty Table is a community that unites beauty bosses together - a hub for pro connection filled with resources, news, tools, support and advice for industry professionals across the US.


We are here to empower business owners and encourage creative collaboration so that we may learn and grow from each other. We are here to diminish competitive nature by sharing experiences, knowledge and creativity.


ain't nobody got time for that

We want to celebrate who you are... unless you are a jerk.


We do not tolerate hatred, racism, or any other offensive or disrespectful commentary on posts directed towards individuals or things.


We do not allow any type of content that is illegal, sexual or suggestive, pornographic or encourages or incites any type of violence.

No impersonation of another person, group, business or brand.

No stalking, invading privacy, or revealing another persons' personal information.



Any type of prohibited commentary will be deleted and at our discretion, possibility of being removed immediately and completely from the Luxxe Pro without explanation.


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