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Your Perfect Mate

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Entrepreneurs, business partners, and friends? Adrienne Redman and Brittany Kroll talk about their partnership, communication, and what happens if their goals don't align.

Within a few minutes of speaking with Adrienne and Brittany it was hard to believe that these two had not known each other for decades. Their playful banter and complimentary personalities were almost as though they were childhood friends or even, sisters. They began their partnership in 2015 and have since made their mark in Dallas with their mobile beauty company, The Luxxe Look. Fast forward 4 years, and they are now on a mission to take their passion for beauty and personal connection to their new venture, The Luxxe Pro!

You guys are quite the duo, lets talk about partnership and how it translates in the beauty industry.

Q. How did you know it was time to launch The Luxxe Look?

A. We met at the most perfect time in our careers - we were both ready to take the next step as independent talent and also eager to explore our entrepreneurial passions. It also happened to be the perfect match since one of us does hair and the other one does makeup.

Q. What are some qualities of a great partner?

A. A great partner shares the same passions, same goals, and same positive mindset. It's also equally important to understand each other's differences, strengths and weakness'. Find someone who excels in your areas of weakness, celebrate their strengths, and learn from them.

Q. Can you be friends and business partners?

A. Absolutely. The common thread in a successful business partnership and friendship is, respect. We believ if you have two people who respect and support each other, you are more successful in collaboration and in problem solving. Because of that added personal connection, if there is ever a time when we are in disagreement we know when its necessary to hit 'pause' and return back with a clear mindset.

Q. How did you know you guys would be great partners?

A. We were quick to realize that we’re both a lot alike - strong, passionate, and maybe a tad sensitive. We connected immediately and found that our connection translated over to our clients as well. Other (huge) contributing factors to our cohesive partnership was our similar backgrounds in management, our common prioritization of relationships with fellow artists and stylists in the industry, as well as an established clientele. Undoubtedly, we knew if we combined our knowledge and shared our strengths with each other, we would make an even bigger impact on the Dallas beauty industry.

Q. How do you guys connect when feeling disconnected

A. Communicate. It’s the only way to address a disconnection. The longer a situation goes without talking, the more harm it can cause and can lead to bigger issues. We’ve always been able to talk things out, which is how we stay in love and keep each other sane.

We are in a digital age and the beauty industry is taking centerstage - let's talk about how you keep up and stand out.

Q. Do you get caught up in social media comparison?

A. We feel like now, in the age of social media, you have to believe that there is enough success to go around. When you believe, without a doubt, that what is meant for you will be yours, things like social media are only sources for inspiration and connection. What happens when you feel inspired and connected? Maximum creativity!

Q. If you could give one piece of advice to a freelancer just starting their journey, what would it be?

A. To put it simply, don’t give up. There are times when you will feel overwhelmed and defeated - that's normal! Be present and find those around you who are willing to help mentor you. Be patient, nothing worth having comes easy. Put in the work, make time to rest, be kind to yourself, utilize the tools that can help you navigate through the bumps and never stop learning.

Q. In a saturated industry, what do you focus on that you feel sets you apart?

A. Focusing on making close connections and relationships with our clients, and not just on making money. Connection inspires creativity which results in better work and ultimately long term clients. We value the art of listening and understanding - not just pretty hair and makeup.


To keep up with Adrienne & Brittany, follow them on The Luxxe Pro community.


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