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The Marketing Mermaid

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Creator of Mermaid Hair and celebrity hairstylist, Katie Rogers, talks about her road to success, fame and building an empire with the help of social media.


Mermaid Hair Katie Rogers
Source | D Magazine Photographer | Elizabeth Lavin

It's hard not to be mesmerized by the mere presence of Katie Rogers. Her larger than life personality and infectious smile are unarguably staples of her brand and business. We sat down with Katie about her journey as a beauty boss and how she became a savvy marketing 'mermaid'.

Within moments of Boss Talk, we knew that Katie's vivacious character and easy to love nature was fundamental in her growth as a hairstylist. At 25, she attended cosmetology school where she held the role as class president. Soon after, she graduated to become an apprentice at Studio 1514 in Dallas, Texas. Her undeniable passion for her career and approach to social media allowed her to excel quickly. After finishing her apprenticeship, she hired an assistant to keep up with the high demand in her first year. Since then, Katie has created and marketed her own brand of hair extensions, infamously known as Mermaid Hair. As well as opened up her own salon, The Mermaid SEAlon, which can be described as the one stop glam shop.

Career, Community & Social Media

The Luxxe Pro - What is your best advice on not getting caught up in social media comparison?

Katie Rodgers - It’s hard, we are human and are constantly getting caught up on the pressures of gaining more likes and views. I say screw the number of likes, stop worrying about it and post content that you want and that is reflective of your own personal brand. What YOU are trying to accomplish. Stay true to yourself.

TLP - Tell us why you think it is important to support and build up peers in the industry.

KR - I think you get a lot further in any industry if you lead with kindness. I am lucky to have a large platform and I like helping smaller businesses. I always post and promote different businesses on my Instagram without charging because I know the struggle of being a business owner and I just like to help out wherever I can.

TLP - In your opinion, what are the best ways to further your education in this career?

KR - Always be hands on and continue to practice. Make sure to take classes and stay up to date with the latest trends.

TLP - If you could give one piece of advice to a freelancer just starting their journey, what would it be?

KR - You’re gonna have to be willing to do some work for free and whatever it takes to get your name out there. Don’t be afraid to invest in your craft and what you want but by the same token be frugal with your money.

Photographer | Priscilla Dasilva

"I say screw the number of likes, stop worrying about it and post content that you want and that is reflective of your own personal brand. What YOU are trying to accomplish. Stay true to yourself. "

Branding and Marketing Yourself

TLP - How is your branding reflective of who you are and your team?

KR - The SEAlon, as a team, is known for their fun, bubbly personalities and amazing talent. For me - it’s just about being energetic, positive, hardworking, outgoing, and mixing in a little glam. I am diverse and very direct.

TLP - Biggest piece of advice for someone trying to get the word out?

KR - Don’t be afraid to showcase your talent. Use social media to your advantage and post lots of great content. Also, as I said before, in order to get your name out there be prepared and willing to possibly do some free work to cross promote with people who have larger followings.

TLP - Favorite marketing campaign you did?

KR - A few years ago I did a campaign where I was trying to get my followers to get Britney Spears attention. The contestants had to create a clip to go along with the hashtag #MakeBritneySpearsAMermaid the most creative person won a set of Mermaid Extensions. It was so much fun seeing what everyone came up with. The winner actually did a music video of her with the yellow snake like Britney!!

TLP - Where do you get inspiration?

KR - Honestly I get inspiration from myself, I feel that I am always evolving. Each year I become a better version of myself. My inspiration comes from within and remembering where I used to be - I remember being broke and struggling just to buy Taco Bell. Haha!

TLP - Is there a person who’s branding you look up to?

KR - I like Chrisspy, the makeup artist, her aesthetic is great and she has always been ahead of the game with her videos. I also really like Jeffree Star! It's really cool how he started on YouTube and has grown to be his own brand. And of course, Kylie Jenner. I love her branding and her style!


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