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A Creative Connection

Creative force and makeup artist, Ash Meredith, gives us an inside look at her signature aesthetic and what role it plays as a social influencer.

We had such an amazing time talking to and learning from Ash Meredith. In addition to her humble disposition, we were enamored by her positivity and eagerness to share her knowledge. Although this bad ass' (did we mention she is a mother of two) makeup career has primarily been focused on creating soft and romantic looks for blushing brides, she has made it a point to push creative boundaries and challenge her artistic skill with breathtaking editorial creations. Aside from inspiring her rapidly growing list of followers on social media, Ash has been able to share her talent and expertise on the E! News Daily Pop segment and has been featured on Pacifica Beauty's social Media Campaign!


The Luxxe Pro - Do you have a strategy or method when it comes to sharing your beautiful content on social media?

Ash Meredith - My only real strategy is keeping track of when my followers are most active and trying to post around those times. It has helped me set a consistent rhythm with my posting. I can’t say it always helps in the performance of my posts, but it helps give me a schedule and keeps me sane.

TLP - In a saturated industry, what do you focus on that you feel sets you apart?

AM - I’m not really sure if anything sets me a part specifically, but I try to stay connected with people whether its answering questions, replying to comments, or just engaging in new topics. I believe the most powerful tool social media has is the ability to connect with people and other artists all around the world.

TLP - What is your best advice on not getting caught up in social media comparison?

AM - It’s so hard not to compare yourself with others on social. I struggle with comparing my work but there has been one thing that has helped me tremendously. I stopped creating goals on social media where the success of those goals solely depended on the actions of others. For example, “I want to hit this amount of followers by this date” or “I want this brand to notice my work”. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having these aspirations, however they exclusively depend on the actions of other people and I don’t believe at the end of our hard work we should ever feel like we aren’t good enough due to things beyond our control. So now I set goals like, “this week I will film 3 times” or “I will try these two new techniques I’ve never attempted”. No matter how my work is received or my posts ‘perform,’ I know I set and accomplished my goals.

TLP - What advice do you have for someone looking to focus their social content on their art?

AM - My advice would be to look at yourself and your art like a brand. Focus on developing that brand, whether its a certain vibe for your pages or maybe a specific video editing process that's unique to you. Anything that showcases who YOU are and what you can DO!

"No matter how my work is received or my posts 'perform,’ I know I set and accomplished my goals"

TLP - You have a signature aesthetic but your creations are always new and unique – what inspires your looks?

AM - Thank you so much! I try to find inspiration in things outside of makeup/the beauty industry. I find myself most inspired by nature- it lends endless options for color and texture. I also love looking at architecture, acrylic paintings, and interior design!

TLP - Do you ever feel a creative block? If so, how do you work through it?

AM - I get creative block OFTEN. I work through it by resting and logging off social media. Taking time away from scrolling through makeup always tends to give me a fresh mind set. I love spending time outdoors and also looking at other forms of art.

TLP - If there is one person you could work beside for a day, who would it be and why?

AM - For sure Alex Box. Her connection with her craft is mind blowing. I adore the fact that she is interested in helping people connect to their inner artist (makeup related or not). She is truly in this profession for the love of her craft and it radiates in everything she touches!


Although we hope Ash Meredith never happens to find herself stranded on a desert island, you better believe she will have these three beauty products by her side.

 Algenist Lip Serum, Elta Md Sunscreen, Milk Makeup Kush Mascara
Algenist Lip Serum, Elta Md Sunscreen, Milk Makeup Kush Mascara


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