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Start your branding journey by compiling and collecting your ideas and elements that represent your brand.

Pinterest is about to become your branding best friend 💓 Using the checklist below, create a private Pinterest board. Once you have reflected on your brand’s direction and compiled all of the listed items below, paste your board link in your Notion Client Portal > Discovery Questionnaire and notify your Behind The Scenes Expert via text 📲  972.974.4874


Search and save the following

✔️ Logo design | 1-2 you like and 1-2 you don’t like

Be sure to clarify which category your selections fall under

✔️ Color schemes | 2-3

Hint: you can be more specific by using colors that are non-negotiable for your brand’s direction (ex. pink color schemes) or with brand keywords (ex. fun, playful, feminine, luxury, minimal, clean, retro etc. - color schemes)

✔️ Imagery that embodies your brand’s feeling and emotion  (refer to keywords)

Remember, your clients are going to feel through your visuals prior to reading any text

✔️ Typography

This is another element of flair that elaborates on your brand’s personality - let’s see what fonts you are loving!

✔️ The social scene

Reflect on other brands that ‘brand’ well. What about their branding inspires you? Think BIG - do not limit yourself by only including brands inside of your industry

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